Five Thousand Meters

By April 7, 2011 culture No Comments

If you need a little nudge in fitness department, WordPress has just push.

The folks there have issued a fitness challenge for Sunday, April 10. They are encouraging the WordPress community to join them in completing a 5K (walk, run, bike, swim, etc.) and then blog about it. It’s called the Automattic Worldwide WP 5K.

Fun, huh?

I’m all in!

The fun part—besides the actual 5K—is that WordPress want us to take pictures, map our routes, provide stats, and even post video. Should be a neat way to see what all the other runners have been up to!

If you plan to get a move on this Sunday, be sure to stop by here later in the day to share about your 5K experience in the comments.

Can’t wait to hear your stories.

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