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Years ago—2007, to be exact—my sister-in-law encouraged me to start blogging. I was unsure . . . I wasn’t even a blog reader. And I couldn’t imagine what I would say. And I was sure no one would bother reading it anyhow. Basically, I was scared.

I gave it a go anyhow, and now, five years later, I am so grateful to have started down the Unknown Road. It has brought me connections to other writers and new writing opportunities—which I would have missed out on had I let fear get the best of me. (Thanks, Melissa, for giving me the nudge and not letting me wimp out!)

One of those unexpected connections has been with Revive Our Hearts (ROH). You see, I wrote about the 2008 True Woman (TW) conference in my church’s newsletter, and then I posted it here. ROH found my article, and contacted me to serve as a guest blogger for the 2010 TW conference. I was giddy! Supporting the conference via my blog was a huge treat.

If you missed the buzz back in 2010, get ready! ROH has invited me to blog at the 2012 conference. I’ll be uploading all sorts of snippets from the conference September 20–22 (that’s next week Thursday, Friday, Saturday). Don’t miss it! Get my updates here (check in daily or get my feed), on Facebook, or by Twitter.

Also, I would LOVE to hear from you while I’m at TW 2012! Post your comments, share my posts, reTweet (#TrueWoman12) my Tweets, whatever. Let me know you are following along.

If I had known in 2007 that God would one day align my Unknown Road with the team at ROH, I probably would have been just as scared! I don’t think knowing ahead of time would have helped me any. Better to have a little mystery and gain the joy of discovery. I can’t wait to see what other surprises await me on this blogging adventure.

Want to come along?!


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