Four Questions That Changed My Day

By October 23, 2014 faith No Comments

Reflection is one of my favorite activities. I could sit for hours with my Bible and journal, pondering life and what’s happening and what God might want me to do next. Because I’m such a sucker for reflective exercises, I was intrigued by something recommended by Trevor Hudson in his study titled Discovering Our Spiritual Identity. Hudson says:

“No day is empty of God’s presence. In the people we meet, the tasks we do, the difficulties we face—and in our responses to them—God is continually trying to catch our attention and give us fresh glimpses of his loving presence.”

While true, too often our days are packed so full, we cannot sense God’s presence at all. We have to make space for Him. Through reflection, prayer, and time, we make space for God to show us where He is in our too-full days. Hudson recommends these four questions for remembering our days and asking God to reveal what He’s doing in and through us:

What do I have to be thankful for?

What strong moods have I experienced and what attitudes lie beneath them?

For what do I need to ask forgiveness?

For what do I need God’s help and guidance?

I gave this exercise a whirl yesterday, during my lunch break. Because I have an over-active brain, I decided to focus the questions on my morning alone, which made the exercise very specific and pointed—a huge help! It was a contained reflection, not something I needed hours to complete. Jesus met me, gently reminding me of His goodness toward me, showing me some attitude that needed adjusting, forgiving me, and encouraging me to keep on with my day. I felt better about my morning after I sorted through some feelings of anxiety and pinned down the source. I felt better about my work, encouraged that God was pleased with my efforts. My heart was at peace, cleansed by the forgiveness of Jesus. I had courage to face an overwhelming work task (BUDGETING—ugh!). These four questions absolutely changed my day. It wasn’t radical, but it was real.

Most days, I don’t take the time to reflect because I think I need hours upon hours. And I prefer that! But it’s not possible. Hudson’s four questions give me some focus and some parameters, making daily reflection possible.

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