Free Your Inner Runner Princess

By June 18, 2010 culture No Comments

A few weeks ago, I shared some personal opinions and insights about running from a jane-jogger perspective.

One of those statements brought a quick flurry of interest from you, my few-but-greatly-loved regulars. So fun! It was all about the running skort—what it was, the use of it, etc. Well, here’s my history with this controversial gear innovation.

It all started for me last summer. I was running regularly, and I needed summer running gear. In previous years, my summer workout wear was a pair of cropped sweats. I didn’t own a pair of running/workout shorts because I find them to creep up, bunch up, and cause too much hassle (and embarrassment) while running.

But those sweats were just not going to cut it if I was going to increase my mileage over the roasty summer months. As I perused workout wear catalogs for some options (Athleta and Title Nine are favorites), I saw a variety of running skorts featured. This was new to me; I was intrigued. Both catalogs presented the skort as something a strong, fit, confident woman might wear—it is definitely feminine, but it is not wimpy.

How does a skort work? Well, it has lightweight mesh-cotton shorts covered by a sporty skirt. The under-shorts cover to the upper thigh, and the covering skort hides them. And because I’ve had problems in the past with shorts taking a hike, making me too self-conscious, I decided to give the skort a try.

The verdict? I loved it. It was comfortable, stayed in place, and provided complete coverage. I now have three skorts for warm-weather running; I still don’t own even one pair of shorts.

As I’ve participated in running events over this past year, skort wearers are on the rise. There are now racing events dedicated to it (I’m not so sure about all that). And many people are discussing it in the runner world—check out this article and this one.

Who knows if it the trend will stick. I’m going to keep wearing my feminine, full-coverage, comfortable skort with pride, even though I’ve heard a few snickers directed toward my gear selection. I figure those women are just not in touch with their inner runner princess. It works for me though, and I’m sticking with it.

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