From Rut Digging to Rut Filling

By January 4, 2011 faith, language No Comments

In my previous post, I announced to the blogosphere my intention to dig some new ruts in my thought life using God’s Word. My hope was to get my brain to travel on a line of thought that was true, noble, pure, profitable, and the like.

Today, as I picked up my rut-digging tool of choice (Romans 5), I came needy for help and truth. I find myself in an especially deep rut of wrong, self-defeating and Christ-ignoring thinking. Here I stand with Romans 5, not on a smooth plain ready to dig a new road but at the bottom of a well-worn path with sides growing tall on every side.

What do I do with my rut-digging analogy here? Dig deeper until this ugly path strikes gold?

I sat staring at the first verse of Romans 5, which tells me I have peace with God. I mull that over again and again, letting it fill my thoughts, letting it fill the rut I am in. His peace fills the pockets of ache in this age-old rut.

And it occurred to me that, yes, this is another way to look at the power of God’s Word—it fills the ruts I am currently stuck in. God’s Word is like grout for the soul, filling in the cracked, broken places. That’s the power of God’s Word. And this rut-filled heart is in desperate need of all it can get!

You may be wondering how I’m going about this memorization process. Although I’ve mentioned it during previous MMM challenges, here’s a recap. First, I create verse cards and bookmarks so I have the verses at my access in spare moments. Then I find about 10 minutes each day to work on the verses, using these general steps:

  • read the verse through several times
  • speak the verse aloud, only glancing back to the cards as needed
  • use first-letter prompts to speak the verse aloud until I can repeat it without looking to the cards
  • write/type out the verse using the first-letter prompts
  • speak and write out the verse by memory

By the end of January, I may not have all of Romans 5 memorized perfectly. But that’s OK—my goal isn’t perfection but movement. If my ruts can be filled and transformed with truth, that’s well worth it.

It’s not too late to join MMM! Choose something to memorize—a speech, a poem, a song, a Scripture passage, geography, etc.—and visit MMM HQ for details.

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