Get Greedy for God in October

By September 30, 2012 faith No Comments

It’s been one week since True Woman ’12. I’ve come down the conference mountaintop, [sigh] down to the dailyness of everyday living. It’s back to the usual, yes; but there are small things that are different after my mountaintop trek.

God’s Spirit is hovering, reminding me of the Truth I heard. My heart is grateful I got to go and be part of it all. Echoes of the music drift through my mind here and there, making me warm and fuzzy inside.

And another thing—I’ve come back greedy. Yes, you read that correctly. I’m greedy for more. I want more of this not-the-same stuff. I want more of God, the one who knows me and loves me still, the one who answers my heart’s cries and collects my tears and has me engraved on the palms of His hands. I want to know Him more.

True Woman has announced a little something for October called the Seeking Him Together Prayer Challenge. It’s 31 days of seeking more of God.

What does that mean? Well, I’m not sure, exactly! I only know I want to know God and live in light of His love poured out on me, a sinner. So I’ve decided to join the other True Women speakers and seek God. I’ve signed up for the daily e-mailer, which, I assume, will give some direction for how to seek God each day. (Seeing as I’m not a natural planner, I love that someone else is organizing this!)

You know what else I’m greedy for? Other gals who are greedy for more of God. Want to join the prayer challenge? You can register by clicking over and giving your e-mail (or other social media connection).

I don’t want to be greedy alone! Let’s do this together and see how much more of God we are blessed with in the next 31 days. Let me know if you are joining in—we can be greedy girls together.

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