Get Ready: I’m Inviting Myself for a Weekly Visit to Your Inbox

By October 18, 2013 culture 2 Comments
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As part of Day 4’s assignment in the 21-Day Momentum Challenge, I was supposed to identify something I’ve been intending to do—avoiding, procrastinating, whatevs. And it was supposed to be scary. Then we are to tell the world (or those who happen to see it on Twitter) that we are facing the fear and doing it anyhow. Good times, eh?

My choice? Develop an enewsletter. This has all the proper elements: I’ve put it off, and it scares me. To force me to action, I’m shouting it from all my social media outlets. I’m not sure when I’ll be ready to launch but I figure if I talk about it and people sign up (hint, hint), that will be added motivation.

Soo . . . I’m inviting myself to your inbox for a weekly visit. You have been so kind to come to The Patch to visit me, I thought I’d return the favor. You just have to roll out the welcome mat by signing up via my MailChimp form here. I’m not completely sure what we will talk about, but I’d like to pour into you as you “fill your patch of sky” with whatever gifts and talents God has given you. Think of it as a courage boost or a little sunny spot for your soul. I don’t have it all figured out—the content, the courage, the enews techie stuff—but I think together, we can figure it out. I’ll keep you posted on my progress and projected launch date.

I look forward to our visits!

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