Gifts from My Mother

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Shadows of Mom, Sis, and Me

When my mom and sister and I are together, it’s obvious we are related. We are different, but there are traces of the similar that bind us. We communicate similarly. We gesture similarly. We laugh at the same things. We know each other’s expressions, rendering spoken explanations unnecessary. (This can be both good and bad! There is no hiding in such community.)

My mom has invested in me (and my sister) more than is obvious on the surface. These gifts make me who I am. There are lots of things she has given me, and this Mother’s Day, I’ve been thinking of these intangible deposits because of the As Our Own Thanks, Mom! campaign that I’ve been helping with. It has me thinking of all the ways I want to say thanks to my mom for what she’s invested in me.

So I’m going to shout out thanks to my mom right here. (I’m also going to give to Thanks, Mom! in her honor—won’t she be surprised? Well, at least she will be once she reads this . . . )

And because I love to hear from dear ones like you, I thought it would be great fun to hear how you would say thanks to your mom for those not-so-obvious investments and gifts that have made you the person you are today.

How would you say, “Thanks, Mom!” to her this Mother’s Day?

Did she instill in you a sense of hope or courage? Did she model a servant’s heart? Was she your champion and encourager? Did she work so you could go to school? Did she remember special occasions in a special way?

I want to know about your mom! Here’s your chance to rise up and tell her why you appreciate her—Proverbs 28:11 says, “Her children rise up and call her blessed.”

So rise up, my dear Patch readers!

I want to hear from at least 25 of you by May 8. Thank your mom for something specific by posting it here in the comments. I’ll go first to get the party started. (So please join me with a comment of your own or I’ll be partying all alone—and that’s no fun whatsoever.)

Let’s give our moms their due. I can’t wait to hear about your mom!


You Can Honor Your Mom with a Gift to Thanks, Mom!

This Mother’s Day, thank your mom for all her love in a truly special way. Honor her with a gift that helps As Our Own stand in the gap with motherly love for the sake of our 60-plus girls. Learn more here.

STEP 1 :: Give to our Thanks, Mom! campaign to honor your mom on Mother’s Day, May 8.

STEP 2 :: In the donation comments box, tell us what you appreciate most about your mom.

STEP 3 :: Download a certificate for your mom that explains the gift you’ve made in her name.

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