Give Tangible Help in an Abstract World

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One of the best characteristics of my job is that I learn about how people live around the world. Being a rather abstract, head-in-the-clouds sort of gal, I do a terrible job keeping up on current events. (And don’t even ask me about my geography skills.) So my work gives me the chance to understand different countries and cultures and people, all within a creative context. I have learned so much! It is a blessing to be more aware and to have my heart wrenched for people who face hardship I can’t even fathom.

And so it is for the the people in Senegal, Africa, who are facing the threat of famine. The rainy season they depend upon for today’s food and tomorrow’s seed came late and ended early. The result is that they are now facing severe food shortages with no hope for future crops.

SIM is an organization that provides relief but also provides assistance and training to equip people for a better future. All this is done within a Christian context by people who have transplanted themselves to live among people of a different land out of love for those in need (both physical and spiritual).

So here’s something tangible that can be done: SIM is calling for support to help 450 families in the Kaffrine region of Senegal. For just $150, you will provide one family with food relief for today, seeds for tomorrow’s food, and spiritual hope for eternity through the hope found in Jesus Christ.

To learn more, watch this two-minute video at, and to give, click on the SIM donation link.

Hope this inspires!

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