Give the Airlines Some Love

By April 26, 2012 culture No Comments

Oh, how I love to travel. I love the going and the getting there, by car or air or whatever (except, boats, which can sometimes be not-so-fun for my head).

Air travel is especially great because I get to do some of my most favorite things: reading, crossword puzzles, hanging out with loved ones, napping, people watching, coffee drinking, . . . all while someone else does the hard work of transporting my luggage and flying the plane. Really, this is pure luxury!

So when I saw this new TV ad for Delta, my heart went out to the airline industry. In it, Donald Sutherland narrates the story of air travel in a way that evoked empathy in me for Delta in particular and the industry as a whole. It addresses many of the common grievances people have toward air travel in a way that reframes the root causes. I’ve heard plenty of passengers over the years gripe and complain about this, that, and the other. Most of it is plan silly (although there are always cases of true negligence), based on our human tendency to think that things should go as planned without a single hitch. That’s not realistic, in air travel or in life.

Click over to read my post at Christ and Pop Culture: Mixed Signals: Giving Grace to the Airline Industry. And get leave your thoughts in the comments.


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