Going Crafty for a Cause (Join Me!)

By September 30, 2013 faith No Comments

OK, I confess: I’ve gone crafty. But it’s for a good cause! My friend Angel is an artist, and she is developing a community art project called The Blessing Tree. She’s inviting Christ-followers to create a leaf to add to this tree for her November show, and I wanted to make a leaf to add to the mix. You should make one too! Get your creative juices flowing and read to the end to learn about contributing to The Blessing Tree.

Now, I have minimal art supplies here, so I worked with what I had: paper and some felted letters. I’m no artist, but this is what I was pondering and praying about as I made my leaf.


In the beginning, there was a tree that gave life. Adam and Eve freely ate of its fruit and benefited from its offering. There were other trees too—for food, for shade, for beauty . . . and one that was off limits. That tree was the boundary line, the marker that designate God’s rightful place to determine what should be and what shouldn’t. Adam and Eve’s desire grew for that one tree with its forbidden fruit. They ate of it, and it was death.


In ages past, there was a tree that was growing tall and strong, giving shade, beauty, perhaps even food. But it was tagged and chopped down, its life cut short. The tree’s now-dying wood was needed to hold the life of a Man. He would be nailed to that dead tree, hung there to suffer for the death that sin wove into the world—dying Man on dead wood for a dead people in a dead world.


In eternity, there will be a tree that gives life. Every month this tree will bear another crop of fruit, and its leaves will bring healing to the nations. It will grow along the banks of a mighty river that will flow from a glorious throne. The Man who once died on a dead tree will sit there, alive, giving light to everyone. We will eat of it, and it will be life.


leaf2Until eternity, I look up at the trees in this fallen world. A faint echo of the first trees reaches my ears—the trees that gave life and food and shade and beauty. Remember the beauty that God intended, they whisper. Yes, God meant for this world to provide for His creatures.

But the trees I see also echo the second tree, the one that died to bear a dying Man. Leaves fall, branches go barren, limbs snap, bark sloughs off, disease hits. So it is with humans, for we have all eaten of the forbidden fruit trying to determine what should and shouldn’t be.

And so I hope in the promise for the third tree, the tree that is already growing in eternity, waiting for time to catch up to it. One day, we will see this tree, in all its glory. We will taste its sweet fruit, we will be healed by its leaves, we will bask in its beauty, we will play under its branches—for death will be no more.

leaf1And it will be pure joy.


Leaves can be made out of any material (fabric, felt, beads, paper, cloth, etc.)—just keep them approximately 4” x 6” in size. Pray a blessing over them, for all who will see them at the show. Then send your leaf to her as soon as you can so she has time to attach them before the show. Read more at the event page.

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