Good morning, Nutella Mocha

By February 5, 2013 culture No Comments

Happy World Nutella Day! In honor of the world’s favorite chocolate spread, I have made a Nutella Mocha. mmmm.


Nutella has made several appearances here at The Patch before. It’s a favorite treat! But truth be told, I do not eat it as much as I talk about it. I need to step up my consumption, because I’ve been collecting Nutella jar gold foil seals for several years now.

wnd3Why? Two joyful words: Nutella merchandise.

Turn in your gold foil, and take your pick of Nutella branded stuff. I’ve had my eye on a Nutella espresso cup set. It’s been so long, in fact, I couldn’t remember how many seals I needed. I visited the site yesterday to check, and sadly, Nutella has shut down its store until spring. I will be so very disappointed if I missed out on the espresso set. I should have eaten more Nutella. Or bought the number of jars I needed to reach my gold foil quota and then given the jars away. sigh. This will give me yet another reason to look forward to spring.

How will you celebrate World Nutella Day? Do you have any Nutella branded merchandise?

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