Grammar and Punctuation: The Wonder Twins of Language

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It’s time to celebrate! Today is National Grammar Day. It’s not an official Hallmark holiday or anything (at least, not yet!), but it’s a big deal.

In honor of everything grammar, here is a story that I’ve been meaning to share for some time now. Although punctuation takes a lead role in this tale, I see grammar and punctuation as the Wonder Twins of language—for where would we be without punctuation?

We’d be eating grandpa, that’s where. (Yes, punctuation does save lives.)

I hope you enjoy my ode to National Grammar Day. And be sure to cast your vote in the poll—it’s there for you (really!), my faithful readers. Voting is anonymous and painless. And it will add to your enjoyment of National Grammar Day.

Here’s to saving lives with the language Wonder Twins.


My husband puts up with a lot of grammar chatter from me. He kindly listens to my laments on poor grammar and sentence structure. He smiles politely when I’m awash in giggles over misplaced punctuation.

And when my friends and I get into lengthy discussions covering all the aforementioned, he patiently waits for the conversation to take a turn to something else (anything else, really).

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During one such language discussion, a friend—who is a graphic designer and often catches errors when she is flowing text into design elements—and I were preaching to our choir of two about the proper usage of the en dash. As usual, my husband was right there, with no option but to listen to our tag-team punctuation sermon.

We get fairly impassioned about these things. If the Wonder Twins of language needed sidekicks, we might apply (as long as we weren’t required to wear tights).

With our preaching points covered, the conversation came to a close with my friend quipping, “I just think it’s my job to rid the world of these errors.”

Without missing a beat, my husband wryly chimes in, “Yes, one en dash at a time.”

Sidesplitting laughter ensued, and my friend and I have laughed about this repeatedly since. What I love (what we both love), is that my husband so kindly sits through our discussions . . . even better, he’s picked up on the lingo, and he can use it humorously.

See, National Grammar Day is for everyone—you just have to talk about language long enough for the beauty of it to sink in. (Or something like that.)

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