Half Marathon, California Style

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love this great signage

Way back in January, you may have read that I ran the Disney World Half Marathon in Florida with my friend Rosa. We ran it in honor of her certain birthday milestone with the intention completing Disney’s Coast to Coast Challenge (if you finish a Disney race in both Florida and California in the same calendar year, you are a Coast to Coast finisher).

Well, we did it! We ran the Disneyland Half Marathon yesterday. Here’s my race recap:

Pre-Race Details
wake-up call: 3:30 a.m.
hours of sleep: 6
corral check-in: 5:15 a.m.
start time: 6:00 a.m.
temperature: 62 degrees / wind at 1 mph
sun rise: 6:27 a.m.

The Course


Rosa and Paco (pre-race hugs)

5K: 30:10
10K: 58:23
15K: 1:26:39

Pace Per Mile
first 5K: 9:42 (30:10)
second 5K: 9:04 (28:13)
third 5K: 9:05 (28:16)
last 3.8 miles: 10:02 (38:09)
race total: 9:31 (2:04:48)

still smiling after 13.1 miles!

Place Info
overall place: 1,992 / 12,785
sex place: 722 / 8,368
age division place:130 / 1,241

Race Highlights
I loved having this race experience with Rosa! We got to chat and keep each other company, which was desperately needed when the course took us several miles through an industrial area with no shade (it was hot and boring). Running through the Anaheim Angel’s stadium was a treat—we rounded the entire field and saw ourselves on the mega-screen.

The one disappointment: I had to walk for a short stretch at about 9.75 miles. I think I had a bit too much park fun the three days prior to the race. oops. My legs and feet were just plain tired. And most of you know by now that I’m lacking in the grit department. I think that added about three extra minutes to our time. [sigh.] Rosa is a good friend to stick with me and sacrifice a better finish time.

And check out these race photos from Disney (more posted on my Facebook page):


so grateful for Mike's support & love

Let me wrap this up with some quirky fun facts:

  • Drew Carey ran the race and finished way ahead of me.
  • Out of the 63 runners named Erin, I placed 7th. When I ran the Hot Chocolate 15K last year, there were 79 Erins and I placed 44th—that leads me to believe that Illinois must have a higher concentration of Erins than California. (And California Erins are slower.)
  • Out of 165 runners from Illinois, I placed 26th.
  • Out of the 5 runners from Bloomington, Illinois, I placed 1st. (The Pantagraph will be calling, I’m sure.)
  • Going slow in a race enables the spectators to read your name printed on your bib; then they can cheer you on specifically. This is both encouraging (who doesn’t like to be cheered for by name?!) and disheartening (cheering feels a lot like pity when you are walking).
  • This race wraps my schedule for this year’s fund raising for As Our Own. Since April, $905.34 has been given to As Our Own to help care for girls in India who have been rescued from treacherous situations that would lead to certain future enslavement. What a joy it is to run for them!
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