Half Marathon Results: Just the Facts

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It’s official: I ran a half marathon. And so did Mike.

My mind is aflutter with details and stats and humorous race day remembrances . . . where to begin?

Let’s start with the facts, shall we? Later I’ll post a commentary of the experience, but this will give a quick overview to satisfy the fans.

Race: Walt Disney World Half Marathon | Saturday, January 9, 2010
Location: Orlando, Florida (aka the Sunshine State)
Route: Start at Epcot | Run to Magic Kingdom | Finish Back at Epcot

Looks cute here, huh?! That's what sucked me in . . .

Race Start: 5:40 a.m.
Sunrise: 7:19 a.m.
Wake-Up Call: 3:00 a.m.
Hours of Sleep: 4.5 (i.e., not nearly enough)
Bus Ride to Start: 3:30 a.m.
Weather: 31 Degrees | Sleet | Wind Gusts of 15 MPH (aka Illinois)
Number of Runners: 17,110
Number of Energy-Sapping Ramps: two (two too many, that is)
Medal: Donald Duck

Mike’s Stats
Elite Corral | Wave 1 Start
Chip Finish Time: 1:22:12
Average Pace: 6:16 per Mile
Place: 37 (yes, that’s 37th out of 17,110 people! awesome!) | 1st Illinois Finisher
Goal #1: Training Run with Negative 5K Splits (did it!)
Goal #2: Finish Before Sunrise (did it!)
1st 5K: 20:47 | 6:42 per Mile
2nd 5K: 20:00 | 6:27 per Mile
3rd 5K: 19:10 | 6:10 per Mile
Last 3.8 Miles: 22:14 | 5:51 per Mile
See Mike’s Race Photos
See Mike’s Race Web Site and Stats

My Stats
B Corral | Wave 1 Start
Chip Finish Time: 1:58:38
Average Pace: 9:02 per Mile
Place: 2,161
Goal #1: Run the Whole Way (did it!)
Goal#2: Finish in 2:04:00 (did it!)
1st 5K: 29:15 | 9:26 per Mile
2nd 5K: 27:04 | 8:43 per Mile
3rd 5K: 27:36 | 8:54 per Mile
Last 3.8 Miles: 35:13 | 9:16 per Mile
See My Race Photos
See My Race Web Site and Stats

Image Sources
Disney Half Marathon Course Map: http://disneyworldsports.disney.go.com/dwws/en_US/events/eventDetail/detail?name=WdwMarathonDetailPage

Race Stats: http://results.active.com/pages/searchform.jsp?rsID=88766

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