Happy Belated National Punctuation Day

By September 26, 2011 culture, language No Comments

Saturday was National Punctuation Day. I had hoped to write a little something about my love for the semicolon or the dashes. But I didn’t get the post written before I left for Chicago to attend the Precious to Him women’s retreat hosted by The Moody Church. [This was a wonderful yet taxing day that challenged us with this: We are to help rescue others because we ourselves have been rescued. We are all precious to God.]

I did acknowledge the holiday on Saturday to my Chicago friends (giving them further reason to find me odd). Even so, I regret that it wasn’t celebrated here. Many of you missed out on the holiday because of me, I’m sure. [sigh.] There’s always next year. Maybe we can plan now to celebrate in 2012 by discussing the state of the serial comma or the use of scare quotes? Who’s with me?!

As a consolation, I leave you with some punctuation-inspired home furnishings by Tabisso. If you could have any punctuation-shaped lamp, which would you choose? I especially like the ampersand.

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