Hope for the Organizationally Challenged

By October 21, 2013 culture, faith No Comments
photo source: http://hgrm.sndimg.com/HGRM/2011/12/28/Original_Baer-linen-closet-after_s3x4_lg.jpg

photo source: http://hgrm.sndimg.com/HGRM/2011/12/28/Original_Baer-linen-closet-after_s3x4_lg.jpg

Periodically, I write articles for Karis, a nonprofit organization encouraging women to grasp “One God. One Gospel. All Grace.” in all aspects of life. When Karis editors requested articles about organization—tips, skills, best practices, whatever—I figured I wouldn’t pitch, seeing as I’m not the most orderly person around. I can be organized in small doses and short stretches, but it doesn’t flow naturally from this brain!

In regard to this series, I felt disqualified and less than. I would have to sit out. But that’s not Gospel thinking worthy of God and His grace. The Gospel speaks of God’s overarching purposes prevailing in this life and in our individual stories. God has designed each of us to reflect Him uniquely—and if we all were organized and the same, we would miss out. My lack in one area gives room for another to shine. I thought of my dear friend Rebecca and how her gifts shine and draw me into her world. And I wanted others to get a picture of how she magnifies God with her gift and blesses me in the process. So I asked if Karis might be interested in a piece written from someone who lacks in organizational skills, sort of a disorderly gal’s guide to growing in a skill that God didn’t see fit to bestow.

And this is what came to fruition. I hope you enjoy reading about my dear friend—and if you are organizationally challenged like me, I hope you are encouraged in the reading!

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