Hoping I Don’t Forget to Remind Myself

By February 4, 2010 faith No Comments

Earlier this week in Bible study a conversation was begun that I’ve been chewing on ever since. We were discussing the human bent to get things neat and tidy, orderly, in an attempt to gain control and have peace—especially as it relates to relationships.

Some of this orderliness reflects our Creator—He did, after all, call order out of chaos when He made this world. But we can take regiment too far when relationships become nothing more than a task list. This tasking mentality is most evident in relationship with God: It seems safe to have a checklist for spiritual performance—read your Bible, pray, serve, go to church, and so on.

Tasking drains passion, however. And relationships don’t last without passion. But neither do they grow without pursuit and dedication. This is quite the quandary.

So how do we pursue a relationship with the Lord Jesus without resorting to a checklist of actions? And how do we establish the priority and importance of pursing God when we are such a forgetful, distracted people?

I’ve been thinking of these things since Tuesday. I’d love to hear how you tackle this double-edged sword!


What follows is a rough piece that has been clanging about in my mind as I ponder these things.

Memorials and Liberty

Remember, remember
the waters split
rocks from the depths
now stacked on shore
helping us remember

Remember, remember
the stain of sin
on hands and heart
now removed by sacrifice
helping us remember

Remember, remember
the glory of God
requires washing and care
special days, routines
helping us remember

Remember, remember
the cross was raised
with blood flowing
power conquering
helping us remember

Remember, remember
the liberty bought
wrested from death
now at rest and seated
helping us remember

Remember, remember
in the midst
of living
now distracted
help us remember . . .

Remember the essence
stacks of stones
sacrifices, offerings
special days and routines
liberty raised on
a cross up high

reminding me
of sweet liberty

This I will remember

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