How to Make a Dream Map

By October 11, 2013 faith 3 Comments


For a woman who keeps her head in the clouds, I sure have a hard time keeping my eyes fixed on my dreams. I could blame the clouds that obstruct my view or the thin air that impairs my thinking—that’s poetic and all, but metaphors like these only describe the issue; they don’t solve it.

I need my dreams nailed down in plain view if I’m going to remember what I hope my days will add up to. So when a friend of mine mentioned she had recorded all her hopes and fears and interests and passions—and called it her Dream Map—I was all in. I took the idea to my Lodge Ladies, and they were all in. (How I love these gals.)

We took several weeks of praying and processing and then several Lodge Meetings to discuss what we wanted to include on our own Dream Maps. Then we each got creative in finding a way to represent our dreams. I needed something that would be visible at my desk—because, as I said, I’m prone to forget. I am not super crafty or artistically creative; and I don’t have a lot of supplies, so whatever I did would have to be purchased. I wandered the crafts stores a few times before pulling together an idea that would be full of words (love!) and echo my love for India (double love!). Here’s how it turned out:

The joy this canvas brings me is immense. The mehndi-inspired design, the way the words and phrases fall, the meaning behind each saying—it’s perfect. (But if marker could be erased, I would redo a few elements. Alas, it’s perfect despite the imperfections.)

Every time I get bogged down in the daily tasks of life, I need only look to my Dream Map. It reminds me that crafting a newsletter article for As Our Own is really an opportunity to free captives . . . editing a manuscript is another way of proclaiming the Gospel . . . and wrestling out another 600 words of my manuscript is how I become dangerous for the Kingdom.

Have you ever completed such a Dream Map? I’d love to hear all about it—and see it! Here’s to dreaming Kingdom-sized dreams.

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