I Don’t Even Like Zombies

By October 2, 2017 faith 2 Comments

How does a person who doesn’t even like zombies (or creepiness of any sort) start a 31-day writing challenge titled “Wake up from Zombie-Like Faith“? Good question. And valid, because it’s true: I don’t do scary, and zombies fall right into that category. As evidence: once my brother-in-law cued up Shaun of the Dead at a family gathering, and I lasted all of about five minutes. (Once the zombies started scratching at the windows, I was out.)

Despite my lack of love in zombies, the concept is something I can get behind. Real people like you and me display zombie-like traits. Especially when life is painfully rough, we find ways to move forward throughout our days even when our insides are numb and raw and messy. It’s often ugly and clumsy, but we muddle through.

Such living is even noted in the Bible. (Stick with me, here.) Earlier this summer, I was reading something Jesus said to the church in Laodicea. He said the people of this church were spiritually alive with external signs of functioning faith, but something was off on the inside. Their hearts were neither hot nor cold but rather, lukewarm. Lukewarm hearts point to spiritual apathy, a state in which people go through the motions but their hearts aren’t in it.

These people were like spiritual zombies.

And that got me wondering: How many of us could be counted among the walking dead?

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