I’m Dreaming of a New Year

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It’s not yet Christmas, but I’m already thinking ahead to a new year. I always get reflective toward the end of December, and this year is no different. Dreaming goes hand-in-hand with reflection for me, so then I start to turn from the past 12 months to the next 12 months.

So I’m in this strange state of flux in which I am looking back while also looking ahead. Looking ahead is necessary for surviving these first painful weeks of winter that make me wonder if I will ever be warm again (dramatic, I know!). And since I often think of a new year as a pretty, clean slate, and this positive perspective buoys my spirits in the dreary, non-color Midwest December days of white-gray-frigid (Crayola should make that an official color in their crayon palette).

Two things in particular will be on my slate for 2010.

Stretching My Brain’s Capacity
The first item added to my slate is another edition of Mega Memory Month (MMM) hosted by Ann Kroeker. I’ve participated a few times previously, with varying results (see posts describing my results for MMM1, MMM2, and MMM3). Although I have yet to wrap a MMM with all my goals accomplished, I am pleased to say that the mental focus exercised and gained, as well as the residue that has stuck has been well worth the effort—and this keeps me coming back for more.

I’ve not yet determined what I will be putting my mind to this time around . . . in the past I’ve worked on Scripture, states and capitals, and a poem. Scripture is a given, but I would also like to give something else a go. I’ll have my final goals outlined and posted after Christmas.

If you have never participated in a MMM, don’t miss out! It really is worth the effort.

2010 Social Justice Reading ChallengeStretching My Heart’s Capacity
The second item to be added to the slate is something new called the Social Justice Challenge. As quoted from the site:

The Social Justice challenge was founded on the idea that reading can change the world. Each month we will focus on a different area of social injustice in the world and encourage participants to learn about the issues through reading and other media and take action steps towards making a difference.

12 months. 12 themes. Countless lives changed.

The SJC offers a variety of ways to be involved through reading, viewing, and action. I’m not sure how my involvement will unfold, but I am curious and excited about what is ahead. I hope you will join me in tightening your grip on social justice issues throughout 2010.

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