Introducing the Creative Stretch

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A few days ago, Ann Kroeker at notsofastbook discussed how kindergartners’ school performance is negatively affected by our society’s get-ahead mentality. (Yes, you read that correctly: Kindergartners are feeling pressure in school.)

Several sources she cited stressed the need for children to develop and grow through creative play. And that got me thinking of how little time I allow for such development.

Back in 2007, I attended the Write to Publish conference—which was fabulous—and I walked away intending to dedicate some time each week to creative stretching. This I did only sporadically. Ann’s post reminded me of how much I enjoy and need this sort of play for developing my writer’s heart. And this week’s launch of our book club discussion (on Luci Shaw’s Breath for the Bones—Art, Imagination, and Spirit: Reflections on Creativity and Faith) also has me motivated to tend to this area of my craft. [Please join the club! Creatives of all sorts are welcome.]

One quote in particular from Shaw’s introduction ties in nicely with the notion of tending to our creative nature:

Growing that given seed of trust in God, or art, requires the care and feeding of the imagination and the spirit. Both must be fertilized and cultivated. (xviii)

Shaw has stirred me to wonder how we care and feed the imagination and the spirit . . . What fertilizer do we work in? How do we cultivate an atmosphere conducive to creativity? These are foundational to creative play that produces art as an offering reflective of the Creator who made us creative.

creative stretch button2In conjunction with the weekly book club posts each Thursday, I am launching some creative prompts to care and feed and fertilize and cultivate our creative hearts for the glory of God. The creative exercises will be housed under the Creative Stretch category, sporting this nifty icon.

Watch for the first creative stretch, coming soon! I hope you’ll join the fun and share your experiences.

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