It Comes Down to This . . .

By September 20, 2012 faith 4 Comments

I’m here at True Woman 12, serving on the blog team (so fun!), soaking up the heart-water at the leadership pre-session.

The Gospel of Jesus is here, heavy. We have been reminded by the speakers that all is about Him, for Him, to Him. What a sweet spirit, to be among so many women who crave to love God and love others! Nancy Leigh DeMoss spoke of being sensitive to the women around us, to watch for the needs that are exposed by the realness of this life. And Elyse Fitzpatrick spoke of the beauty of the Gospel, boiling it down to this:

We are more flawed and broken than we ever dared imagine. And we are more welcomed and love than we ever dared hope.

When the Gospel soaks in deep, I am rested in all that Jesus is for me, set free to love others and love God.

I need a whole lot more of that. Bring it on, Lord.


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