I’ve Cooked My Own Goose(neck Squash)

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Last night, I had the joy of meeting with my writer-friend, Queenie. I am inspired by Queenie’s adjective reservoir that laces her musings with such charm that my heart often aches for the reading of it. When we meet, I become word hungry; she makes me want to read the dictionary, like this guy did. (She also makes me Word hungry; I want to devour the Bible so that I might know the Word, Jesus Christ, better.)

This writers’ “group” (can a group consist of just two people?!) has been a treat for me. Here I find encouragement in my work, refining of my character (Queenie sharpens me), and focus for my wayward thoughts.

And soon you’ll be able to listen in to a bit of our discussion, as we will be posting thoughts on our writers’ group’s first book selection, Breath for the Bones—Art, Imagination and Spirit: A Reflection of Creativity and Faith by Luci Shaw. Stay tuned! And join the fun, if you like. Grab a copy of Luci’s book, post your thoughts, and link up with us. We’re shooting for one chapter/one post a week. First round begins in about a week.

A graceful goose.

A graceful goose.

Even more than all this, at last night’s meeting, Queenie came bearing gifts. How sweet is that?! Queenie shared her squash harvest with me. (Her inspiring and humorous gardening exploits are chronicled at her blog. Be sure to check it out!) When Queenie strolled through the door with this bag, the gooseneck squash was so perfect I thought it was fake. And the way the goose peeks out of this bag made me giggle. Too cute! I love it.

I almost hate to chop up Mr. Goose . . . naming him has only made it more difficult for me to detach and put him to good use. By naming him, I’ve cooked my own goose, so to speak. But I also hate the idea of wasting him, so I do plan to make some yummy pasta dish—tomorrow. (Feel free to leave your best links for gooseneck squash recipes.)

Dark chocolate is good for you . . . right?

How many miles would I have to run to offset this pound of chocolate?

But that’s not all Queenie spoiled me with. As if the squash in the perky bag and shiny bow weren’t enough . . . look what was tucked in among the geese . . .

That’s right, I have one pound of Trader Joe’s dark chocolate. I won’t have any trouble detaching and putting the chocolate to good use. No naming conventions applied here.

O, how I love my writing group! (Thanks again, Queenie.)

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