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It’s now been a month since I attended True Woman ’08, a women’s conference held October 9-11, 2008, in Schaumburg, Illinois. I’ve had a hard time pulling my thoughts together on this one, and I worried that I would not be able to do it justice. But I was asked to write a review for my church newsletter, so I needed to get at it! With many starts and scraps, the Lord helped me develop a summary. [whew!]

Today’s post highlights a portion of that article, containing the conference details and summary; I’ll soon provide the second half of my review, which contains my personal testimony from all I learned. Enjoy!


Radical Biblical Womanhood: Femininity the Way God Meant It to Be

More than 6,200 women gathered in the Chicago area to attend True Woman ’08, a Christian women’s conference anchored by Revive Our Hearts Ministries and Nancy Leigh DeMoss. Many noted speakers inspired women to embrace God’s glorious definition of womanhood by rejecting the world’s false notion of feminism. This was no spiritual lightweight conference! And it was a feast for the soul for women of all ages and backgrounds.

If I had to summarize the essence of True Woman in one word, it would be revolution. Webster’s Dictionary defines revolution as “a fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something.” This conference was the Christian woman’s clarion call to exact a fundamental change in how we think about and see womanhood, calling us to embrace a radical biblically based view of femininity.

What exactly is that, you may wonder?

Based on what I heard at the conference, I would describe a radical biblical woman as one who:

1) Dives Deep into the Word. John Piper urged women to be steeped in the Word because wimpy theology makes for wimpy women whose god is small and whose faith is weak. God is calling for strong women who live by faith in Him, magnifying His goodness and power to the world.

2) Has a Biblical Worldview. Nancy Leigh DeMoss stressed that radical biblical women are confident that God is always working, always loving, and always in control as He exacts His plan for all creation.

3) Pursues a Countercultural Life. Mary Kassian challenged women to esteem God’s plan for femininity by honoring themselves and the men they encounter with Christ-honoring actions, words, and attitudes.

4) Resists Fear. Karen Loritts called women to resist the lies of the enemy that tempt us to give way to fear in all its forms: worry, control, manipulation, anger, and the like.

5) Trusts God’s Sovereignty. Janet Parshall encouraged women to trust God with the life circumstances in which He has placed us.

6) Endures God’s Refining Fire. Joni Eareckson Tada reminded us that radical biblical women willingly endure God’s loving refining work-even when it is painful and confusing.

If you think that list is a lot to process, imagine how stunning it was to sit under such powerful messages for an entire weekend! It was quite something.

Since the conference, I have gone to the True Woman Web site several times to listen to or read through the messages presented there. Each time, I hear the revolutionary call a bit clearer and grasp a bit more of the excitement for all that it means to be a radical biblical woman.

Hope this review has encouraged you join the revolution! I’d love your company.

Don’t miss part two of my True Woman ’08 conference review.


I send my thanks to Mary Kassian for the encouraging mention on her blog—check it out!

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