Jump on This Bandwagon: MMM3 Is Here!

By July 2, 2009 culture, faith, language No Comments

Are you looking for a way to exercise your brain this summer? Might I suggest the Mega Memory Month challenge?

Participating in MMM3 (this is the third round!) is easy: Pick something you wish you knew by heart, meditate on it throughout the month, and see how much sticks by the end of July.

Some people choose Scripture or poetry or discourses or facts. In previous MMM installments I’ve studied Scripture and the states and capitals. This round will be more Scripture, plus something a bit offbeat (more on that later).

Ann Kroeker is our MMM hostess extraordinaire, offering encouragement and tools and a gathering place for everyone who hopes to put the change of pace that summer brings to good use.

Why don’t you join the fun this month? This is a bandwagon you’ll be glad you jumped on.

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