Live! From the True Woman Conference

By September 17, 2010 culture, faith 7 Comments

Are you busy next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday?

Well, if you can spare some time, pop in here a few times each day—there’s something special coming to Filling My Patch of Sky.

You see, Revive Our Hearts has asked me to attend their True Woman ’10 conference September 23–25 in Indianapolis to provide blog support. [How great is that?!] I will be posting several times each day, writing about whatever has tugged on my heart, made me giggle, or caused me to wonder anew at the love of God.

Two years ago I attended the True Woman conference in Chicago. It was simply the best women’s conference I have ever been to, due to the depth of the teaching, the heart in the worship, and the sweet spirit among the attendees. Afterward, I was asked to write an article about the experience for my church’s newsletter—then I posted it here at The Patch (part one here, part two here). Then Revive Our Hearts found it, and that connected the two of us together for True Woman ’10.

I’m extremely excited to see what God has in store this time around. As I give blog support, I’d appreciate your support—in prayer, visits, encouragement, passing the word, and so on.

So mark your calendars! And come back next week to see what I’m seeing at the Indy conference. [Or I could come your way if that’s more convenient—sign up for my posts to be delivered to your e-mail or your blog feeder.]

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