You’re Never Alone When Words Are Your Friends

By June 4, 2008 language No Comments

Do you think of words as friends? Oddly enough, I do. And this week I have come across two new ones that I hope to spend time with regularly. I’ll be taking them with me to coffee. And to work. And to conversations for years to come. You may get sick of my new friends if I invite them to play too often. (I’ll try to control myself.)

The first word comes from the Double-Tongued Dictionary, with a June 3 MSN article as its source. So let me introduce you to Frugalist. He represents the anticonsumerist crowd. I’m not sure I fit into his inner circle (I haven’t yet sworn off all purchasing), but I am happy to have him in mine. My desire to break the power that consumerism has on my heart is something I’ve rambled about here quite often. I think he will fit in quite nicely!

The second word is one with the pep and passion that only a made up word can carry. Meet my new darling word: yucxyy. (I pronounce it yucx-sy.) She arrived just last week as I was leaving a comment at Melissa Danner’s blog, my favorite things. Melissa posted some photos from a flea market visit; one photo featured a bin with a grotesque jumble of plastic dolls. They were naked. And salmon colored. (Cue the heebies!)

As I posted my disdain for those creepy dolls, typepad asked for its usual posting code to confirm my submission. To my great surprise and pleasure, my darling popped up as the submission code! y-u-c-x-y-y were the letters I had to enter to get my post posted. It made me giggle and feel justified in my rant. And now I have the joy of a new word, a new friend.

Feel free to invite her with you as the occasion permits. I think she is well suited to describe anything icky. She also does well as a proper noun, as in Yucxyy dolls (in honor of her birth). She makes me smile.

Thanks for visiting and welcoming my friends. I’d love to hear of your first meeting with the newcomers.

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