Making the World a Better Place

By February 16, 2017 culture No Comments

So I wrote a book. Stringing together some 50,000 words in a way that is purposeful and intriguing was no small task. As any creative sort will attest, I had to find pockets of time and attention to invest, often in early or late hours when other obligations and responsibilities weren’t pressing on me.

Last month I took in the film La La Land. It’s about two talented dreamers: Mia, the aspiring actress, and Sebastian, the budding jazz musician. In these characters, we see the dual struggles creative people battle. Mia wrestled with insecurity. Sebastian wrestled with pride. Both needed to face their creative demons to make the most of their talents. In so doing, the world becomes a more beautiful place, full of stories and music that feed the soul.

Seeing this film a month out from my book’s release was a Godsend. La La Land was an ode to countless artists who are simply adding to the beauty, as Sara Groves once said. My contribution is this book. It is not meant to be the final word spoken on comfort-zone living; it’s not meant to be the final book ever written. Grasping that grants me much freedom from fear and pride, the creative demons that simultaneously rob us of experiencing joy from the work of our hands.

Just over a week ago, we celebrated my book’s launch at my favorite coffee shop. Mike organized the event details from refreshments to treats to the evening’s schedule. Family and friends rallied to help. Krista designed poster boards and T-shirts. Sam and Jessica handled the sales table (and designed their own fan shirts). Janet created a miniature version of the chair featured on my book cover and coordinated giveaway baskets. There were gifts and cards and flowers and champagne. Hugs and encouraging words were plentiful.

It was pure joy. I am grateful for my loved ones and friends old and new who celebrated the release of Comfort Detox into the world. I pray it adds to the beauty by helping readers see the gospel from a slightly different lens, the one I’ve been considering for the past few years during the book’s development.

So I wrote a book. Just as it has changed me, I trust it will also change the world, in some small way at least, for those who crack open the cover.

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