Miles of Community

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Today was the Automattic Worldwide WordPress 5K—a thrown down by WordPress to its community to complete a 3.1-mile–something (walk, run, bike, swim, etc.) during the week of April 4–10. The idea was to move about for 3.1 miles, then blog about it. We could then jump about the WP blogosphere and enjoy the warm fuzzies of community forged by the miles we’ve logged.

I thought that sounded easy enough because I was already scheduled to run a race today! My 3.1 WordPress miles actually totaled 4.97 (yes, I’m an overachiever) because I ran the Chicago Shamrock Shuffle 8K.

Sherry and Erin sporting the fab As Our Own team jerseys.

Even more fun than running with 40,000 of my closest running buddies through Chicago is that this was my first run on the As Our Own racing team! For 2011, I’m raising funds and awareness for As Our Own, a nonprofit organization that rescues the vulnerable children of India from the treacherous situations leading them to certain futures of bonded labor (either in organized begging or the sex trade).

Here I am with Sherry from As Our Own—her support and encouragement made the day more memorable. (And she kindly toted my bag while I ran!)

Thanks to loving family and friends, I’ve already reached the halfway point in my 2011 fund-raising goal. More than $750 has been raised! I’d love your support for the races ahead if you feel inspired to donate.

Team As Our Own takes Chicago!

Here are some other folks from the Shuffle racing team—first, Mary and John. Mary and I have discovered we know each other from high school. How fun is that?!

Team racer Will participated in the wwwp5k in Houston—check out his post and experience. It’s both humorous and inspirational. You can hear his heart for the work in India in every word he’s posted.

Rosa and Erin before roasting on Chicago's city streets.

As for the 3.1/4.97 miles for today, I ran with my running friend Rosa. (We’ve run several races together now, with more to come.) I loved running with Rosa, who was so sweet to tell me stories to distract me from the heat-induced nausea that visited me just after mile 4. That’s because the weather switch was flipped to Roasty today, resulting in 69 degrees and 73% humidity. It was a little much for my liking, but racing through Chicago’s city streets—and representing As Our Own—made it worthwhile.

And here are the Straza results from today. This was Mike’s first race back after nursing an injury over the past few months. He ran so well! My results were good considering the heat and my less-than-ideal training over the past few weeks due to a heavy workload.

All in all, today’s race was a good one.

Did you move around for 3.1 miles today? Or even in this past week? If so, leave a little report in the comments. The wwwp5k is curious. (And so am I!)

The community aspect of the wwwp5k seems to have been a huge success. I’m checking out other WP bloggers who are runners; I’m getting to know an As Our Own runner and blogger; and I’m connecting to the As Our Own team right here at The Patch.

Great idea, Automattic! I hope the wwwp5k becomes an annual event.

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