Mini-Challenge Round-up

By April 19, 2009 culture No Comments

Well, that does it for my two-hour mini-challenge! What a fun way to connect with other read-a-thoners!

It seems that many participants were Peep-less and greatly saddened they could not participate in the Peeps War option. See the Peeps battles here:

Kim | Laza

The other challenge participants tackled the hue color test or the accent guessing game—or both! See their posts here:

Frances | blondierocket | Blair | Eva | Icedream | jehara | Amanda | nfmgirl | i heart monster | Kristi | nise’ | jessica marie | Fiona | serena | Rhinoa | the Brain Lair | Tammy | shelburns | care | mee | claire | Lily

Even our read-a-thon host got in on the action (declining the prize opportunity, however). See her comment here:


And receiving the prize for participating in the Reading Madness Mini-Challenge: shelburns! You will receive a signed copy of Ann Kroeker’s soon-to-be-released book, Not So Fast. Congratulations!

Thanks to all who participated. This was great fun for me!

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