MMM4 Week Four Progress Report: Give Me a U

By January 27, 2010 faith, language No Comments

Remember those progress reports from elementary school? Many of you now receive these for your own children, but for me, I have to go way back to my own childhood memory archives for a point of reference (a mega memory workout in itself).

I vaguely remember the progress reports having a long list of performance categories for which we received a rating of either an S for Satisfactory or a U for Unsatisfactory. [Those of you with better memories (or kids) can help me out here!]

If I were to receive such a rating card for week 4 of Mega Memory Month 4 (MMM4), it would show nothing but Us. This week is not so much a progress report as a regression report: When I attempt to focus on my verses, the words evaporate before I can line them up. I think those verses are still in there somewhere . . .

So I will not be deterred! There are still five days of MMM4 left, and I plan to finish with pizazz. [But I will heed our MMM4 hostess’s counsel: I will not race about like a mad woman in a frenzied attempt to check these verses off as an accomplishment.]

Here’s my strategy:

  • Meditate on Colossians 2:6–15 throughout each day
  • Take 10 minutes each day for memory work (see my routine here)
  • Bump the second set of verses for another month (Ephesians 6:10–18)

I like the mix in that—a rededication to the goal with a touch of grace in letting the second verse set go for another day.

Come on back for the MMM4 party on the 31st. Whatever the progress, I’m planning to celebrate.

It’s not too late to join MMM4! Choose something to memorize—a speech, a poem, a song, a Scripture passage, geography, etc.—and get brain buff in 2010. Visit MMM HQ for details.

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