My Life as an Allegory

By October 4, 2011 faith No Comments

Every time I read Proverbs with its Wisdom personification, I am reminded of two of my favorite allegories: The Pilgrim’s Progress and Hinds’ Feet on High Places. These novels follow, respectively, a hero (Christian) and heroine (Much Afraid) journeying through the Christian life, encountering characters whose character matches their names—Christian meets Giant Despair of Doubting Castle and Much Afraid’s companions are Sorrow and Suffering.

The book of Proverbs does this same characterization. As I’ve mentioned here before, I’m using The Message for the E100 readings, and it takes this personification further with characters such as Lady Wisdom, Brother Knowledge, Understanding, Common Sense, Madame Insight, and Clear Thinking, as well as Temptress, Seductress, Simpletons, Cynics, and Idiots. . . .

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