My Mega Memory Month Results

By October 31, 2008 faith, language No Comments

Today is the final day of the Mega Memory Month Challenge sponsored by Ann Kroeker.

The good news is this challenge got me to purposefully pursue my desire to get Scripture carved into my heart. A few things were greatly helpful in the process:

1) Making multiple sets of references cards to place in strategic locations. I placed one set with my Bible and notebook, one in my car, and one in my purse. It’s amazing how quickly time can pass when you have something worthwhile to focus upon.

2) Using the first-letter technique to strengthen the memory links in my brain. I used the nifty tool at Productivity501 to produce my first-letter reference cards. It’s a great way to talk through the verses that you aren’t sure you know—yet!

3) Remembering the goal is to think biblically in the midst of life—the goal is not to become the world’s greatest memorizer. Even though I do not have the chapters completely memorized—yet!—I now know the content of those chapters. Often over the last 31 days the Spirit would remind me of the truth contained in those sections. What a blessing.

The bad news is that I was not able to perfect the two chapters of Scripture as I had hoped. [sigh.]

But I refuse to give up! Now that I’ve started the process, I plan to keep at it. November has another 30 days waiting to be filled. I plan to fill them with a renewed effort to tackle these two chapters. (And eventually, I would like to memorize the states and capitals, and their locations; a long story, but suffice it to say that I am a geographically challenged woman with an innate sense of direction—quite the odd combination!)

October was quite a month for me—I was in Chicago three different times (for a total of six days) and in Wisconsin twice (for a total of three days). There were four birthdays to celebrate. A dear friend had major surgery. My husband ran the Chicago Marathon (without training—that’s another story—resulting in many days of recuperation). With all that in mind, I give my memorization efforts and progress a good score.

And best of all, God taught me how His Word brings life and calls into reality that which does not exist otherwise (Rom. 4:17). You see, I’m attempting to increase my shuffling mileage, which is a major deal for this wimpy gal. During that first longer run, all I could think about was quitting. I didn’t want to push myself, and I no longer cared about the stretching I need both physically and mentally. Then the Spirit prompted me to review my memory verses. I tried it only because I was desperate and my breathing was so awfully loud. After a few rounds of the two chapters, my breathing eased back from the wheezing state—and I finished the run! Only God could create determination out of the chasm of this heart. And now I know how to combat the wimp in me: with Words of Life.

I can’t wait to have more verses stocked up so that I have more fuel for fire. Who knows how far I’ll shuffle in the days ahead!

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