My MMM2 Party

By February 5, 2009 language 5 Comments

January 31 was celebration day for the Mega Memory Month (MMM2) challenge sponsored by Ann Kroeker. Ann had a fabulous blog-style gala, and I missed it. ☹ She even had prizes! (That woman knows how to kick-it up.)

I missed the party and the prizes because life did what it does—it tossed a few curve balls into my neat-and-tidy party participation plan. (You see, my dear sister was in the hospital for a week.)

So now, here we are on February 5, five days late. I’m guessing the crowd has long-since dispersed. [sigh.] Nonetheless, I simply must post my MMM2 results, even if it’s merely for closure’s sake.

My MMM2 challenge was to firm up the foggy parts of John 15 (started in MMM1) and to learn the states and capitals (my ignorance is explained in full here).

The Scripture verses are mighty close to being perfected! With the first-letter prompts, I can recite the entire chapter, no flaws. Without the prompts, I get through verse 20 or so, then I need some help but can get through to the end. I am so close to having these verses impressed on my heart! I am thrilled with the progress considering the rough patch at end of the month.

As for the states and capitals, I just took one final test from this site (recommended by our MMM hostess herself!)—I am pleased to announce 100 percent scores on naming states and capitals! I do hope that today was not just my lucky day; I hope these are in my long-term memory zone. Perhaps I will continue to use the games just to be sure.

I also used flash cards for learning the states and capitals (the cards were borrowed from my sister’s kids). Not only did the cards help me become familiar with the size and shape of each state, I learned the following important information from the facts provided on the back:

  • Portland, Oregon, is home to Mill Ends Park for leprechauns, the world’s smallest official park at 452 square inches. (Has anyone ever visited? It’s on my list if I ever get to Portland.)
  • Texas reserves the right to divide into five new states. (I sure hope they don’t do that . . . I just learned the states and capitals we already have.)
  • My birth state of Rhode Island has the longest official name: State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. (How regal!)

That does it for MMM2! Thanks for stopping in to my belated, one-woman celebration.

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