New Business Cards, and Lots of Them

By May 21, 2010 culture, faith, language No Comments

Check out my new business cards, designed by Mark Huffman. Some things just make the heart happy; this does it for me—the colors, the funky clouds, the font. Warm fuzzies abound! Really, these give me an instant (and unmerited) upgrade in coolness.

If you think it looks neat here online, you will love it in person. I can send you one, if you like. I have a few to spare.

Due to the many, many cards I now have in my possession, I will be distributing one (or two, or three) to every person I meet. Brace yourselves! Perhaps I will also find other creative ways to make use of them . . . luggage ID cards, gift tags, bookmarks, etc.

Your suggestions are welcome.

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