Oddments from a Megaconference

By September 24, 2010 faith No Comments

Less than 12 hours here at True Woman ’10 and my mind is already swirling with heart challenges, inspiring thoughts, and new insights into the Word.

And then there are the other—some more common, some lovely and fun—aspects of attending a large conference:

  • Being among 6,000-plus women who all sing with gusto
  • The ever-changing room temperatures making for that oh-so-fun hot/cold, hot/cold rotation
  • Dealing with a dazed-and-confused hotel guest who thought our room was his (at 1:15 a.m.)
  • Finding that God is the best alarm clock ever (let’s just say I forgot to switch my phone to Eastern Time)—thank you, Lord, for shaking me awake, on time!
  • Conquering the optical allusion that comes from taking escalators that aren’t moving . . . as opposed to conquering the ones that come when they are moving
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