On the Days When Everything Looks Awful

By August 13, 2014 faith 3 Comments

Lots of days as I look around and survey the state of things, my heart wants to crumple up. There’s too much heartache, too much suffering, too much disappointment. The weight of something that’s very wrong is heavy upon us, upon the world. In the Christian narrative, that “something wrong” is identified as sin. It has entered the world and every human heart, infecting us and separating us from God.

Depressing, huh? I’m so glad the narrative doesn’t end there. That’s not the end of the story. The Messiah entered into the something wrong we live in. He came to be with us, so we wouldn’t be alone. He experienced firsthand the heaviness we endure. He knows what we suffer on those days when everything looks awful.

Is today one of those days for you? Let me know. I’d like to follow my Savior’s lead by being with you in it, so you aren’t alone in the heaviness.

And maybe give this song a listen. I’ve got it on repeat.

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