Packing up My Freelance Life for a New Work Adventure

By September 15, 2014 culture 3 Comments

I have news: My full-time freelance life has come to a close. It’s the end of a work era—one I greatly enjoyed.

What prompted me to pack up my freelance freedom and move on? It’s one of my long-time clients, Spread Truth. I’m now committing all my time to this organization that is full of creative and inspiring people on a mission to tell the beauty of the Gospel in the most compelling ways possible. I’m honored that I was asked to join the staff and help the vision grow. I feel like I’ve just loaded up my VW bus for the adventure of a lifetime.

The switch wasn’t all easy though. If you’ve been around here enough, you know my freelance work gave great variety with some amazing organizations. My commitment to Spread Truth obviously changes my availability for contracted monthly work (although I hope to do smaller, onetime projects on the side). But there are two organizations I have worked for regularly over the years that I had to release:

As Our Own is the one that opened my world to India, where I traveled in 2012 and met the daughters in that special very family. Saying goodbye to that work was the worst. But a dear friend reminded me that my work status doesn’t mean I care for the girls any less, it’s just a different sort of care, one step removed from their daily lives. Those girls are on my mind regularly as I pray for them and entrust them to their Heavenly Father.

Revive Our Hearts gave me the chance to explore heart-to-heart women’s ministry on a large scale. I loved working with the team there! Their passion to lift high the name of Jesus and His transforming love made the work a joy.

Difficult as it was to end those contracts, my first weeks with Spread Truth have affirmed my decision. I will be directing their communications and marketing, which is, in short, everything I love about all the jobs I’ve ever had now combined together in this sweet spot. I get to write, dream, and strategize to develop resources, marketing plans, content, and communications. I get to work with great people who want to serve God with their gifts. I get an office with SUNSHINE—a huge switch from my windowless basement office! I get to grab coffee with my sister who works just around the corner. I get a flexible schedule that nurtures my creative spirit. I get to invest my talent to tell the Gospel again and again. I *may* be a bit giddy, if you can’t tell.

So that’s my news! I’ll share some office photos soon because it’s super cute, if I do say so myself, and I love it when I can see where my friends spend their days, so I’m guessing you might want to see my little corner of the world. Until then, check out more about my new workplace, at

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