Persuasion Podcast Holiday Mini-Series!

By December 19, 2018 culture No Comments
Persuasion Podcast Lessons and Carols Series

Christmas is here! And Persuasion has you covered. Check out the mini-series Hannah and I recorded, call Lessons & Carols. There are three episodes, each one touching on the lessons we’ve learned from the popular carols we sing every year—and how those lessons set us up for some not-so-helpful holiday expectations! Here’s a series recap.

Listen online at Christ and Pop Culture by clicking the episode photos, or listen from iTunes or wherever you get your podcast fix! Enjoy, and merry Christmas to you!

Persuasion Podcast Blue ChristmasThe first song and episode is “Blue Christmas.” From Hallmark Christmas specials to receiving the perfect gift from that perfect someone, we’ve all taken in ideals about romance that lead our hearts to unavoidable disappointment at Christmas. Is it possible we have unreasonable expectations on relationships that exacerbate our Christmas blues? How can we find joy in the holidays when our relationships are draining us?

Persuasion Podcast All I Want for ChristmasIn the second episode, we cover “All I Want for Christmas.” Our culture has tied Christmas fulfillment to the amassing of stuff—all we want for Christmas tends to be short for M.O.R.E. How do the Christmas traditions and carols we practice each year contribute to this skewed perspective? Is there any way to uncouple our real need for joy from the false promise that it will be waiting for us under the tree on Christmas morning?

Persuasion Podcast Silent NightThe finale is all about “Silent Night.” There’s a tension between the peace we sing about and internal chaos we so often experience during Christmas. Can we learn to appreciate the message of Silent Night even when our reality is no match? Is a Silent Night even realistic? Is it possible we have unreasonable expectations for the season that magnify our need for the Prince of Peace?

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