Picks of the Patch: 2009 in Review

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I am the sort of gal who likes closure. If I’m at the end of a phone call and get disconnected, I’ll call back just to say goodbye.

And the end of year needs its own sort of closure. Each December, I like to think back over the past 12 months and see what happened and what didn’t and why.

Reflection like this forms a red dot on the map of life confirming, for good or for ill, “You Are Here.”

This review post is my attempt to bring 2009 to a proper close here at filling my patch of sky, just as I did back in 2008. That 2008 review consisted of a few of the more interesting patch posts from the previous year—a completely objective endeavor, of course—and has become a sampler plate for patch of sky newcomers. Now that 2009 is coming to a close, I thought the sampler plate was in need of some refilling and refreshing. (No one likes it when food overstays its welcome.)

My blog’s tagline—musings on faith, language, and culture—once again provides the categories for my picks of the patch. See below for a sampler of what was filling my patch of sky in 2009, and then cast a vote (at the bottom of the post) for your favorite, the Best of the Patch.

May the post picks for 2009 be savory and sweet to your reading palate!



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