Pieces of Me: Where the Deep and the Shallow Happily Commingle

By November 14, 2008 culture, faith, language No Comments

Encouraged by greenchickadee, I made a list of things I like, things that tug at my heart, my purse-strings, my time.

Perhaps this could be used to analyze my personality or measure the depth of my soul. . . . Maybe I should do this list once a year to see how I’ve grown (well, that could be too ambitious).

After I made my list, I used a random sorting filter to see what popped to the top (I was indecisive as to which element should be listed first! Too much pressure). I was happy to see that snuggling w/hubby was listed first. Somehow that just seems right.

Here goes: a peek into my inner-world. I don’t think you’ll get too lost in there.

snuggling w/hubby » Hello Kitty » Amplified Bible » dreaming » fallen leaves » dessert » Sarah Groves » train travel » home tours » Bora Bora beauty » smiling eyes » Foray Liquid Porous Point pens » cloth napkins » sand » cross country meets » A&E’s Pride and Prejudice » purses with compartments » quiet mornings » battery-powered milk frothers » my laptop » elephants » crossword puzzles » wireless Internet » Nutella » It’s a Small World at Disney » ocean kayaking » reading » almond lattes » nonfiction » poetry » photography » exfoliation » wonder » hot cider » heart talks » unruled index cards » words » Blood:Water Mission » A Way with Words radio show » cello » movie popcorn » peonies » fleece blankets » shoes » paper projects » Thai food » hydrangeas » Target commercials » listening » art by Angel Ambrose » loyalty » A. W. Tozer » Chicago Manual of Style » Bear Naked Heavenly Chocolate! granola » Chicago bustle » BlueLetterBible.org » office supplies » Akeelah and the Bee » A Horse and His Boy » naps » God’s whisper » Beauty and the Beast » team work » white space » hiking » lions » Bebo Norman » hope » love notes » sacrifice » road trips » holding hands » loving-kindness » crock-pot meals » smooth jazz » MetroMint water (cherry and chocolate) » snorkeling » Fluff » soft cookies » Neuhaus chocolates » trust » Wallace and Gromit » compassion » Lou from The Soup » light » my bike » long-suffering » hot vanilla tea with honey » BellaVitano cheese » Cirque du Soleil » Sonic Cherry Limeade » grocery totes » bookstores » pathways » natural peanut butter » em dash » roller coasters » space heaters » painting walls » Scrabble


Update: December 15, 2008

Hello, again! A few things have come to mind since posting this word collage that defines me. I just had to come back in and write an addendum!

Further proof that my husband sometimes knows me better than I know myself. After posting this listing, I decided to put my hubby on the spot and ask him to list the things he thinks I included. He did so well! He even thought of a few things that I wish I had included . . . so here are just a few more items to add to the list:

Mario Kart » Mad Hatter’s Tea Cup ride at Disney World » molten lava cakes » WordGirl cartoon » coconut macaroon coffee from Target

Further proof that I am out of the mainstream loop. Soon after writing this post, I saw a newspaper clipping about Ashlee Simpson and her song “Pieces of Me.” I had to giggle. I was completely unaware of her song when I titled this post. Perhaps it will drive unsuspecting youth to my site.

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