Putting Jesus on Display

By September 23, 2010 faith No Comments

Just a quick something from the Leadership Pre-Session this afternoon—there was a theme that caught my attention for how women’s ministry could display biblical womanhood.

The vision that was cast by all the speakers was so inspiring! Susan Hunt emphasized how a biblical view of women and God’s unique place for women should be the foundation for everything we do. I saw it as a restoration of what it means to be a woman—a high calling, a place of honor, a place that is fulfilling and exciting and adventurous. It’s a place of walking with God on the edge of everything He can do in and through a woman who’s heart is set on giving glory back to Him.

Not sure if I’m explaining this very well, but I’ll come back to it in the future, I’m sure!

The main session will soon begin. More late tonight (unless it’s too late).

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