Raise a Cookie for National Punctuation Day

By September 24, 2014 language One Comment

Happy National Punctuation Day! You may be wondering why such a day even exist. Well, aside from punctuation being crucial to clear communications, punctuation marks are just downright fun. In my brain, these characters have distinct personalities. Not sure where I get that idea—maybe I saw that in some children’s book on punctuation or something! But I think of them as a lively bunch, quietly doing their jobs day in, day out. And today, we get to acknowledge them and give them a cheer. That’s why I’m giving them my Which Word Wednesday slot, because, really, where would words be without punctuation? We would find ourselves in a big old mess.

NPDtreatsIn honor of the day, I brought some treats to the office. (Any excuse to eat cookies, yes?) Although some of my coworkers didn’t seem as excited about punctuation as I would have hoped, I’m guessing everyone was still willing to raise a cookie for the cause. I’m enjoying mine with my morning coffee.

How are you celebrating the day? Do share!


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