Read-a-Thon Hour 21 Mini-Challenge: Honouring Dewey

By April 19, 2009 culture No Comments

This hour’s mini-challenge is hosted by Eva at A Striped Armchair. She asks us to honor (honour!) Dewey with personal remembrances or with a post commentary from her blog. I did not have the privilege of knowing Dewey, so I sifted through her blog to see what struck my fancy.

Looking through her classics tag, I found her post titled Mary Shelley and Frankenstein: some trivia. For those who know me, this would seem to be an odd post to choose. (Perhaps the choice is influenced because it’s now THREE-THIRTY IN THE MORNING!) But there is a humorous and long-standing connection to this classic between some dear friends and my husband and me.

As I remember it, many years ago (perhaps 10?), these friends had invited us over to hang out and watch a movie; the movie selection was delegated to the male counterpart of the couple, and he brought home Frankenstein. I found little to like in the film (I’m just not into scary movies!) and often sat with my eyes shut, hoping to find an escape through sleep that didn’t come. It didn’t take long into the flick for my friend to begin chastising her husband for the awful movie choice. We decided that he could not be trusted with the movie selection for future gatherings.

Today, when we are with these friends and friendly banter is being tossed about regarding some matter of debate, the mere mention of Frankenstein seems to grant the speaker points in the argument and offers good shared laughter.

Although I am not a fan of this classic, Dewey’s thoughtful report of the author and the publishing route made it more palitable (well, not enough for me to watch it again—or read it, for that matter!). I guess her diligent fact-finding struck me.

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