Reading Madness Introductions

By April 18, 2009 culture No Comments

Hello, fellow readers! Let me introduce myself following the challenge questionnaire format—although I did not get it posted to the site within the time frame [sigh]:

1) Where are you reading from today? my home, in central Illinois

2) 3 facts about me: #1: I love to read the AP Style Guide and the Chicago Manual of Style (so fascinating to me!). #2: Automobile seat warmers make me happy (mine get year-round use). #3: I find anything number-related to be nebulous and confusing (don’t ask me to make change or remember a date).

3) How many books are in your TBR pile for the next 24 hours? five, plus a series

4) Do you have any goals? to stay awake!

I’ve been slow out of the gates but I’m not discouraged! I knew the bulk of my reading would be split between early afternoon and after 10:00 P.M. I hope the rest of you are turning page after page.

Here’s my reading tally so far (sad as it may be!):

  • The read-a-thon welcome post and hourly posts (do these count?! I did read them!)
  • 28 pages from The Legacy of Sovereign Joy, John Piper
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