Reading Should Be an Olympic Sport

By August 6, 2012 culture One Comment

If reading were an Olympic sport, I would be all in. This is the sort of competition I could commit to and sacrifice for. I’m not sure how such events would be scored—perhaps the numbers of pages read per minute? or the reading comprehension rate? hmm . . . or maybe scoring would be more subjective, like in gymnastics or synchronized swimming?

Until reading can earn me Olympic Gold, I will have to settle for a free cookie. That’s what I got for competing in the A.R.K.S. summer reading program hosted at one of our local libraries. Because it’s Adults Reading Kids’ Stuff, each summer I have the chance to nurture my inner child and enhance my creative bent by reading books written for kids.

If A.R.K.S. were an Olympic sport, I would have been an embarrassment to all readers. I scored a pitiful 8 out of 25.* I could make excuses: I was in Colorado for most of July! I forgot to get books from my niece and nephews! I had to work! Yes, I know. That’s silly talk. I could have gone to the library in Boulder, gotten some books from my sis’s kids, and made time to read 17* more children’s books.

*Correction! After updating my reading page, I realized I left 5 books off my tally. So I actually read 13 A.R.K.S books this summer. Nice!

When I realized the deadline was today and I was nowhere near my goal, I thought about stopping at the library and reading until I reached 25 books. But I decided to give myself grace. I don’t need to read more books just to fill out my form to satiate my drive for perfection. (right? right?!!?!?!)

I read some great books and truly enjoyed them! Here are the books that earned me a cookie:

The Word Snoop, Ursula Dubosarsky
Inside Out & Back Again, Thanhha Lai
If You Were Quotation Marks, Shelly Lyons
If You Were a Comma, Shelly Lyons
If You Were an Exclamation Point, Shelly Lyon
If You Were an Apostrophe, Shelly Lyons
Flamingos and the Roof, Calef Brown
OK Go, Carin Berger
How I Learned Georgraphy, Uri Shulevitz
Sasquatch: Wildman of the Woods, Elaine Landau
Peacocks and Peahens, Joan Kalbacken
Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg, Gail Carson Levine
Leaving Emma, Nancy Steele Brokaw

I hope your summer reading has been golden! Do share your summer reading successes and failures—and if you earned yourself a treat for reading.

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