Romans 5: Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are

By January 18, 2011 language No Comments

You know that saying garbage in, garbage out? Well, I’m trusting in the flip side of that as I participate in Mega Memory Month, hosted by Ann Kroeker. For the month of January, I’m taking in Romans 5 in the hope that Romans 5 will seep out into my regular living—truth in, truth out.

Although it’s already 18 days into the challenge, I was out for about a week, so I’m giving myself a bit of grace on my progress. Verses 1–5 have been my focus so far.

Strange thing is, I can review the verses with my cards and it seems like it’s sticking . . . then I take the cards away, and the verses scatter and hide. It’s so discouraging! My mind gets all foggy as if I’ve put no truth in there at all.

But then, when I use the first-letter prompt card to review, I’m spot on—no stumbles, no errors. Woo hoo!

So the verses are in there, somewhere. They must think we’re playing hide-and-seek.

Here’s my progress summary as of today:

5 :: verses taken in
16 :: verses remaining in Romans 5
14 :: days remaining in MMM

It would be nice if there were more verses in that first tally, but I’m not completely discouraged. If, by the end of January, I could get most of Romans 5 coaxed out of me using the first-letter prompts, I would be quite pleased.

This week I’m going to work on the next set of verses. Either this new bunch will keep the other one in line or I’ll just have more gamers loose in my brain. I guess that’s not all bad though—my goal is to have truth in there, and that’s what MMM helps me to do.

Stop by next week to see what truth gets in and what truth comes out.


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