Running for Avishi Race Recap

By June 10, 2012 culture, faith 2 Comments

Who is Avishi?

That was the question of the day at the Allstate Chicago 13.1 where As Our Own’s Team Chicago ran in Avishi’s honor. It’s hard to miss more than 100 runners and supporters donning As Our Own racing jerseys!

And Avishi’s name was written everywhere. Arms and legs were inked directly with marker. Shirts, shoes, and hats got stamped using a strip of white tape. Our cheer crew had signs along the course.

Our presence made her name known, which in turn, gave us the chance to tell of God’s work in India through As Our Own. We had the precious opportunity to tell everyone who asked of God’s move in India to rescue girls and grant them a permanent place in the As Our Own forever family. It was an honor to represent!

Oh, about the race. It seems almost secondary because of the cause! But it was 13.1 miles. In the heat. With little shade. Whew! Due to my bum knee, I was not prepared to run my usual pace so I only hoped to finish. I was so grateful to be physically able to run (without knee pain! for 13.1 miles! huge praise!!). And I was reminded of all the women in India who are not free like I am. I was humbled that I get to run. It was so meaningful to plod along with friend Sherry who was finishing her first-ever half. She did great! She even got a donation from another participant somewhere along mile 10. She’s a rock star.

Speaking of donations, Team Chicago’s funds are still being tallied and the giving pages are still open. Our team has raised more than $45,000 for Avishi and girls like her in India. Whoa! With this support, the daughters in the As Our Own family are free to pursue their dreams and nurture their gifts, just like kids do here in the States. Seeing their dreams come to fruition is such a joy!

Many thanks to all of you who helped me meet my $100 per mile goal! My tally is more than $1,900 but a few more donations will be logged in this week. PLUS if all my B/N friends eat at Avanti’s Monday, June 11 (either location dine-in, carry-out, or delivery) and hand in this flier, 20% of the sales go to As Our Own and will count toward my total. Nice, huh? Eat yummy food, raise money for girls in India. Easy enough!

So that’s my race recap. Avishi. Team Chicago. Sun. Heat. 13.1 miles. No knee pain. $45K. Eat Avanti’s. Rescue girls in India. All for Jesus.


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