SJC Month 2: Join the 40 Days of Water Challenge

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Ready access to water isn’t something we think much of in our country. There are, of course, places or periods of time where water availability has been an issue; but generally speaking, water is readily available here.

This easy access deadens us to the gratitude we should feel for having fresh, clean water, any time, day or night.

Month 2’s focus for the Social Justice Challenge (SJC) is on the water crisis. We’re reading books and online resources in order to learn more, be more aware of social issues, and possibly even be moved to take helpful action.

The fight for fresh water access is something my heart is tethered to; so this month’s SJC gives me the opportunity to do some things that I haven’t before, to deepen my resolve and involvement.

One way I hope my appreciation for water will grow is through the 40 Days of Water challenge sponsored by Blood:Water Mission (B:WM). From February 17 through April 3, B:WM is calling people to consume water as their only beverage and to donate the money saved by forgoing other drinks. Here’s a video about the challenge:


Water is my beverage of choice anyhow—I rarely drink pop or juice—or even milk for that matter. But I do drink coffee a few times a week, and to that, I add chocolate soymilk or skim chocolate milk . . . so that’s the kicker for me. Forgoing coffee for 40 days makes me sad because it’s experiential for me—I love a warm mug of creamy coffee when I’m visiting with friends or working or writing or reading under a blanket on the couch.

My pitiful lament for 40 sans-coffee days ended when I remembered that I have a choice. There are more beverage options at the grocery store than is reasonable, and I also have access to water from my faucet whenever I want it. Other people don’t have beverage options. They have the murky, disease-infested water—or nothing.

The challenge is for 40 days, but the challenge period stretches over 46 days . . . I think that’s a loophole (or grace). I’m going to use as few of those grace days as possible, but I’m telling you all right now, one grace day is already scheduled for next weekend when I will be preparing for an upcoming speaking engagement.

At the end of 40 days, I hope I will be more mindful and more appreciative the beverage access and options available to me, to fill my heart to overflowing so that I will more readily help others have what I have.

Want to join me for 40 Days of Water? Sign up at B:WM by Wednesday, February 17—and let me know that you’re on the way with me!


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